Wellness of body, mind, and spirit was the inspiration for this soothing blend of lavender and sage.


The Wellspring™ is our signature infusion.


Created from a proprietary blend of coconut & grapeseed oils, infused with dried sage and lavender buds, this earthy, yet refreshing combination is deeply nourishing.


Sage and lavender have long been used spiritually, medicinally and cosmetically by many indigenous peoples throughout history. Lavender, inspires feelings of peace while acting as a natural bug repellent, containing antibacterial properties. While, sage, used by healers for centuries, for its cleansing properties, also has anti-inflammatory, and skin renewing benefits.


The result is a rich, nourishing oil with spiritual peace and protection in mind and used here, in our collection of hand-crafted body bars, bath bombs, and lip balms.

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