Notes from a Wise Woman

Witchy Teas to Celebrate Spring

Lavender + Mint tea

It would not be a Wise Woman Apothecary post if lavender did not immediately show up on the scene. It is definitely the signature herb in "The Shop." Lavender is known for soothing frazzled nerves, it is fragrant, bright, wild, and full of life, much like spring itself. Mint carries that same energy, offering as many notes of flavor and texture as there are varieties. It is a rich, light companion to earthy and strong lavender.

Bring 8oz of water to boil

Add lavender buds and mint leaves to a tea strainer

Steep tea for 10 - 15 minutes

Add a sweetener to taste

How is this a witchy tea?

Lavender and mint are potent partners. Perfect symbols for new beginnings and rebirth as both are perennial. They are also wonderful guardians in the garden, creating borders and pathways, opening and closing up spaces as needed. Mixing them together can help you cultivate intentions of peace and prosperity throughout this bustling season.


Pomegranate + Honey tea

Packed with vitamin C, rich in antioxidants, sweet, tart and tasty, pomegranate is nourishing and heart healthy. It is a wonderful treat both cold and hot. Bonus points when the honey is collected from bees native to where you live, as it helps to reduce our allergies to local flora and fauna.

Juice 1-2 pomegranates and mix with 8oz of boiling water

Add a tablespoon of honey

Why is this a witchy tea?

Fertility, wealth, luck, and good fortune is said to come from eating the pomegranate, while honey promises healing and protection. They are wonderfully meaningful and potently nourishing companions on a chilly spring night.


Wild violet lemonade

Ok, so technically this isn't a "tea" however, you must steep the violets before making the lemonade. Violets usher in the spring. Perhaps with much less fanfare than tulips or hyacinths but still no less beautiful. Anti inflammatory, with soothing qualities that support restful sleep.

Steep 2 cups of wild violet leaves in 8oz of filtered water for 12 -24 hours

Juice 3-5 lemons, add a teaspoon of zest

Mix lemon juice and strained violet tea in a 2-quart pitcher

Fill with filtered water and ice

Why is this witchy tea?

It is said, if you gather the first violets of spring your dearest wish will be granted. Violets, delicate and full of feminine divine energy amplifies love within and around us. They protect against wickedness and help to induce a restful state.

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