Notes from a Wise Woman

Wise Woman Visions

Wise Woman is not a skin care brand. We're not just a health and wellness brand either. Perhaps it's a little of both, maybe it's none!

While there are many products and offerings here that nourish the skin and keep us healthy, I think its deeper than the simple pursuit of maintaining a youthful glow.

My philosophy is the opposite...

Embrace the passage of time, before it embraces you.

Wise Woman is and has always been, at my roots, a house that centers spiritual wellness - a botanica dedicated to the rituals of self care! Every product and service I offer reinforces the love, protection, and abundance we deserve to have manifested in our lives.

My work is spiritual self discovery and self awareness. The apothecary reflects my wish that we all find a little joy in the simplest pursuits. A shower or bath, time in quiet meditation, finding a bauble or charm to ground or uplift. These are not life changing moments but they are life creating ones!

This is what I'm making and "selling" in my "shop". Life creating moments, I hope you find what you need.

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