Notes from a Wise Woman

Wise Woman R/evolution

I imagine, 2020 has been an extra wild ride for everyone. Many changes both healthy and scary are happening all around us. I've been relatively quiet here, and in social media spaces, trying to absorb and observe all that's happening, respond without exploding, without taking up all the space. I'll admit it hasn't always been easy.

Although there was no official announcement, and while we still maintain an amazing friendship, co-founder, Aja Renee is no longer an operating part of the apothecary, It has been strange moving forward alone. Her insight was instrumental to seeing this little shop move from dream to reality. I miss our business and creative meetings!

Her heart still lives in our signature infusion - Lavender + Sage - an absolute wellspring of nourishment, it remains an homage to our incredible relationship, which is a truly nourishing thing, I hope for us both.

She's moving onward to meet her own destiny and as we forge our own paths, separate but together, may the roads open and rise up to meet our every step. I appreciate all she has done to make Wise Woman so great.

I have humbly accepted this solo mission. I hope the new services and collections being offered showcase the gifts I am embracing as healer in this (and every) space. I am calling my power back to me, consolidating it. The r/evolution of Wise woman is a reflection of this, meant to amplify this love, help you grow a relationship with yourself. For, especially vulnerable and marginalized, patrons this type of self centering is radical.

Whether it's herbal bath and body products, teas, or spiritual counsel, the focus remains on loving yourself with intention. What you manifest from there is up to you. Move in gratitude and love.

Lastly, and in honor of all this gratitude, I felt it was right and good to pay it forward to you, our very loyal customers! There's no one to spoil and adore without you! I am always amazed by your patronage.

You are VIP and to honor our relationship I've sent a 15% off gift via email, look out for it this Friday! As I have grown and evolved you have shown much patience. You deserve nice things at a discount! I hope you use it to find exactly what you need!

No matter the changes to come, there is much that will always remain the same. You can still find the whips, balms, and butters you love, made with specially infused oils. Our recipes are still organic and all natural. The ancestors still guide my practice and every single product is still handmade with love.

Thank you for being a part of the Wise Woman r/evolution.

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