Notes from a Wise Woman

Wise Woman Apothecary Reflections

I started Wise Woman Apothecary with my dear friend Asia and we built something pretty awesome here! Life pulled her in another direction and, although we dissolved the business partnership, I continued to work the shop on my own.

With few exception, the recipes, offerings and services, packaging designs, website and branding have all been "revamped" by me!

Not because anything was in need of improvement; I simply felt because there were changes behind the scenes the Apothecary should reflect some of that publicly.

I was so scared to be "on my own" and making mistakes but as it turns out I made plenty and I'm still here! Thank you everyone who supports my endeavors and enjoys Apothecary products...

Most of my business is repeat and word of mouth and this makes my heart sing. For customers who have spent over $100 dollars with me, check your inbox for a special gift!

Many thanks to clients using the site to book services (a brand new feature added just last year) it's been hard to stay connected to you during a pandemic but we didn't really skip a beat! Thank the universe for video chat!

I still get excited when I'm onto the right formula or bright idea (Hair detox bars coming soon btw) I still do a lil twerk whenever I get a new booking! I love this work!

There's definitely magic in everything I make. It's what makes my offerings special. There are lots of wise ones out here doing this work, each of us with our own calibrations and vibrations to make the mix unique. Conjure is beautifully diverse and infinitely rich this way.

My practice is rooted in Afro-Caribbean/Taino traditions and my ancestors play a heavy hand in the services and offerings available in this shop. The recipes belong to them. The ingredients and blends are an intimate and inspired collaboration between us. Creating spiritually sound and entirely blessed luxury for your rituals of self care.

I feel very grateful! Proud of what I am building and proud of the potential.

Here's to growth unlimited!

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