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Winter Solstice : A Wise Woman Ritual

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Winter Solstice marks the seasonal shift, a changing of the guard between autumn and winter in a specific point of space and time. Scientifically speaking, the earth sits inside of its axis tilted neither toward nor away from the sun. This results in equal amounts of daylight to darkness at all latitudes around our planet. The further north you are of the equator, the longer the night and shorter the day. The further south, the longer the day and shorter the night.

This only happens twice in our earthly year, June and December, summer and winter. It is a remarkable celestial event. A planet spinning, in perfect balance, on its axis, around the sun. This year it happens right before the full moon,a time to celebrate our whole selves, making this extra special for us.

If life is feeling off kilter and out of control, now is a good time to start putting your spiritual (and perhaps literal) house in order. Take advantage of the approaching symmetry and work to restore balance and equilibrium in your life. Here are just a few things we can do to restore balance:

  • Complete tasks

  • Put things back in their place

  • Say what you mean

  • Unpack and lighten your load

  • Let go of harmful habits

  • Eat well and take care of you

  • Mean what you say

  • Set your boundaries confidently

Now is a good time to release all the chaos in your life to the universe and ask for order instead.

This year’s Solstice ritual and meditation focuses on what we can control and allows us to release what no longer serves us while also inviting fullness into our lives. It is time to let go of the past and look, with love, into the future.



Friday, December 21

What you need:

  • A quiet spot to focus and reflect - make sure you are comfortable, that you’ve eaten and are hydrated, if you need a shower take one (water purifies and restores us).

  • A white candle

  • Lemongrass Incense (you can use essential oil diffuser)

  • 2 small pieces of paper and pencil

  • A large empty glass bowl

  • A small glass of water

  1. Place your candle on a sturdy surface, between the empty bowl and glass of water. Light your incense and breath deep. Lemongrass clears our minds and removes lingering chaotic energies. It opens the chakras (especially the third eye) and reveals things previously hidden.

  2. After several deep breaths light your candle.

  3. On one small piece of paper write down a habit, trait, or behavior which no longer serves or may even be harming you. On the other piece of paper, write down a quality or characteristic that serves you and strengthens you.

  4. When you are done, hold the slips of paper in either hand and feel the weight of them.

  5. Take a deep breath and decide to let go of the habits, traits, and behaviors that no longer serve you. Close your eyes and see those things burning away into nothing.

  6. Open your eyes and the hand which contains harmful behaviors. Use the flame of the candle to burn it away (throwing it into the glass bowl to allow it to burn to ash).

  7. Breath deep and close your eyes. Picture the qualities that serve you well, nourishing you inside and out. Picture these traits pouring over you like a waterfall, see yourself swimming in a pool of success as you embrace these strengths in your life.

  8. Open your eyes and look at the other slip of paper. Memorize what you have written. Fold it up and drop it into the cup of water. Watch the paper fill up with water, becoming saturated and see yourself filling up and becoming saturated and imbued with all the goodness and strength on that paper.

  9. When you feel full and satisfied, blow out the candle and turn out the incense.

  10. The power comes from your commitment to self the ritual shows the universe you mean it.

Your bedtime meditation (the mantra you chant before bed) for this ritual will be:

In balance with the universe

Aligned with my best interest

I embrace what serves and strengthens

I let go of what harms

You can continue on with that meditation for however long it takes for you to get the message that you are worthy of happiness and great things.

Because the Winter Solstice falls on Friday take the rest of the weekend to get your house in balance. Spiritually that may mean more self care, rest, and other activities that leave us feeling full and not drained.

Physically it may mean organizing your space, purging old items, or quality time with loved ones engaged in laughter and fun. Enjoy yourself in moderation. The goal is finding balance and steady ground from which you can heal and grow.

Happy Solstice, beloveds.

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