Notes from a Wise Woman

Winter Solstice

This can be a very difficult time of year for a lot of us. Family is complicated and so is community. Not everyone has access to merry and bright and as the days get shorter the darkness seems to have no end. We are losing precious sun medicine.

For many, feelings of dread, are common. Everyday we move deeper into the season, life itself recedes into a heavy slumber and energies we can't explain awaken and move in the darkness beyond our reach.

This is a period of depletion.

For some, this can be overwhelmingly draining. Especially if we are experiencing personal grief, growth, and change. We are not creatures above and beyond the natural order, we are OF it.

For me, this is the time to protect my energies, accept limitations and begin reflecting on everything I've endured and celebrated. Winter, is a long cold night. A time of rest and release.

The season itself is a gate that swinges between life and death and rebirth.

In this liminal space, everything moves more slowly and we feel more vulnerable. We may be called to shadow work and challenged to unpack pain and upset to know ourselves better. Move at a comfortable pace, do not rush your own greatness. This work can be challenging but once it is said and done, it puts us at ease in our own skin.

Winter Solstice is a slow down, the great void that will embrace, without judgment, what we choose to let go. If you feel depressed, do not try to deny the cycle of unpleasantness. Self care, in all of the ways that are most helpful to you.

Give yourself the time, space, and permission to examine your sorrow and then let it go into the dark. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Listen to your body and obey. Whatever the call, whatever the need, fulfill yourself without guilt or shame.

You are a divine being in the universe, be kind and take care. Call your power back, you are always worthy.

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