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When it's a "Bad" Divination

It is my humble opinion that there are no "bad" readings. Not from me. Perhaps from inexperienced or immoral practitioners this is true. However, all spiritual counsel is good.

Still, we all have our ideas about what a "good" or "bad" divination looks like. For clients, especially new to spiritual counsel, it may look like warnings of hardship.

I'm not sure if this post is for me or my clients. I honestly hate having to give a reading that warns of some hardship. More often than not, that's all life is...hard.

Challenging readings or divination sessions happen regardless. I have had my share of The Tower and 10 of swords fall on my lap in this life.

Change we cannot control, loss, and grief are all realities of life and yet when they are presented to us in any form of divination, we imagine the worst.

How do we accept bad news without spiraling into fear based survival mode?

In my experience, it is never the worst case scenario. So stop worrying yourself sick!

Our ancestors, guardians, and guides are not invested in bringing you problems you cannot solve. They are interested in our becoming. Cosmically, the secret to our healing lies in their accumulative experience. Their wisdom is our growth, our growth brings healing and when we heal so do they.

When it is time for change in your life, they usually will happen from within. The warning is a peek at our reaction through the change and not a literal vision of the change itself.

When we become too complacent and comfortable we create nothing but stagnant energy; which become obstacles in our path towards self discovery. Some churning must happen for enlightenment to be uncovered. We can work to create this churning willingly or do nothing until the universe, inevitably, does it for us.

A divination that warns us of change is usually a result of the latter happening.

We didn't do enough to create necessary growth in our lives. The wheels of change have now begun to spin and it will be provided free of charge...

This warning is a gift. A chance to create prepare and make space for all the possibilities. What fortune can this change bring? What doors will be opened? How can I remain ok throughout?

When we receive a message that implies there may be some reckoning, don't run away. Instead, open your mind and heart. This is where growth and wisdom become real and our true desires manifest. Facing our fears brings us to courageous heights in our lives.

Change might be exciting and thrilling but it also might be agonizing. It depends on many factors. The road towards accepting the unexpected changes in our lives can be a heartbreaking one.

However, when we submit to our sorrow, we make space for nurturance. When we submit to sadness, we also begin to recognize joy with much more clarity.

Often times clients come to me, "afraid to know," but every gen Xer understands that knowing is half the battle. That's the lesson in a challenging reading. Knowing empowers you to prepare, to move with wisdom and grace.

It takes away the shock factor. Spirit warned me... the ancestors knew and therefore, I dealt with and accepted the challenge, come what may.

There is nothing gained in this world if

we do not dare to venture into the deepest parts of ourselves first. Uncover and discover what and who we are. The hardships do not define us. How we move through the hardship does.

Do not self destruct. Keep the faith. Know and trust yourself.

One cannot improve upon these skills without patience and practice. When we enter a cycle of hardship give yourself the chance to center, ground, and heal.

It is all part of the story of your becoming.

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