Notes from a Wise Woman

What is life's purpose?

What am I meant for?

This is one of the main queries on client's minds. The answer is both simple and complicated.

You are meant to experience yourself as yourself, as you are and as you would like to be. You are meant to be who you are and if you are only that, you are still everything. Your life is meant to be lived as it pleases you and that can take any shape. Find joy and be deliberate in your pursuits.

What keeps you happy? What brings you peace? What keeps you rooted inside and content in your own skin? Who are you meant to be in the present? While doing no harm and holding future dreams of yourself, how do you love the you, you are right now? This version is beautiful too.

Your purpose is to know yourself and walk in that knowing. Mind your business about what others expect or think of you. Your purpose isn't to live their ideas about you. Your purpose is to live as you are and be. As you are. You are more than your productivity, then who you could be for others.

Doing for others and being for others is not the same.

The latter is where your happiness and the happiness of those who love you, as you are, live. That's the sweet spot, the place you are meant to exist. If your purpose is anything it is finding that spot and letting yourself revel in it.

Although the universe is chaos, the universe is alive and of you and you of it and truly any of your heart's desires are possible. With enough patience and focus, much of the chaos can be organized around your wishes if you dared to wish them.

Live. Keep living, from a point of knowing and loving yourself, as yourself. This is your purpose. Move in knowing, trusting, and loving yourself. There must be an infinite number of spiritual and scientific analogies we could apply to this concept, it is not new...if we are made in the image of our creators, being ourselves, as we were created, as we are being created, seems appropriate.

I have access to every card, bone, rock, tile, crystal, herb, sign and symbol in creation and all signs beg us to answer the same questions: who are you and how are you experiencing yourself and how do you want to experience yourself?

This the key to happiness and the answers will reveal your purpose. You are perfect in the grand scheme and as the center of your own universe.

Remember that.

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