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Wellspring: The Soothing Oil

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

well·spring/ˈwelˌspriNG/noun An original and bountiful source of something.

Oil infusions are nothing new. Our ancestors have been combining herbs and oils for generations. We do not try to reinvent the wheel. We still pull out a mortar and pestle to grind ingredients. Hours of research goes into every single infusion and hours more into the products derived from them.

We use ancestral wisdom, scientific knowledge, and our own personal brand of magic to create products that soften, heal, and nourish; In the process we discovered, there is no better purpose than to be the wellspring from which hardworking people nourish and soften themselves.

Figuratively, Wellspring Oil symbolizes healing medicine. We chose these herbs because they represent wellness to everyone. They are familiar and comforting herbs in our gardens and kitchens.

Sage and lavender, from the same botanical family, are robust, hearty, and full of antibacterial properties. Scientifically, their medicinal benefits are undeniable. This coupling felt like a natural choice. Wellspring heals. We recommend it often to customers who complain of dry, itchy skin from scalp to toes and use it for our own minor skin irritations.

Wellspring was the original inspiration, the source of all things bountiful in our shop. Rich and earthy, it makes for an excellent base in all of our whips, butters, salts, and scrubs. Our success with Wellspring gave us the confidence to continue on this path and create more oils and products! It truly is the source of beautiful things for us but, we hope, for you as well.

Everything in our shop is so carefully crafted with love. From the oil that comprises the base of all our skincare products, to the way we package and ship to your door; our intention is to bring you tender love and care with every single use. Our intention, especially with Wellspring, is your healing -- body and spirit.

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