Notes from a Wise Woman

The Tea

I am hyper aware that corporations are privy to how critical it is for us to connect to natural medicines and while their practices are never in harmony with nature they certainly advertise being so. Capitalists want the association to natural, organic, artisan, while being none of those things.

I believe it is our right to access natural medicines and spiritual guidance without hindrance and large fortunes.

I started this shop as a way to help folks connect to something more wholesome. Our relationship with self, our wellness, the tools that facilitate our wellness, Our relationships with nature should be beautiful and visceral, meaningful, deliberate. Knowing who, what, where, and when something came to be, helps us understand the origins, which helps us to respect and appreciate the journey anything or anyone takes to get to us,

The universe, constantly organizing chaos to bring you nourishment, mind, body and spirit brought me to this purpose. To create space where wise ones can see the signs and know the meaning. Access what one needs to fill their cups. I see myself and my shop as NPC (non-player character) in your personal journey. In your life, In your overall game, I play only a very minor role but, my hope is that it is highly beneficial to your wellness and growth.

Each of us are the main characters in our stories, the center of our own universes. My presence here, during this time, in this chapter of your life, with this blog or by word of mouth is no accident! From heart and gut healthy herbal teas to spirit healthy herbal baths or divinations meant to illuminate the path, may you find something here to power you up on your way.

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