Notes from a Wise Woman

The Star

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Go on and be healed


La Estrella (the star) shines bright, a heavenly body of heat, and energy lighting up the darkness. The star is a message to the lost and lonely, the broken and embittered.

The time for healing has come and wholeness awaits you when you are ready for the journey. In this card we see a symbol for hope. We see potential bloom once again. Where it was cold and dark, now something glows, warm.

See this light coming closer to you. Prepare to be embraced by it.

Close your eyes and see this light enveloping you, touching all the dark places in and around you, warming you. This is the healing power of the Star’s light and it is yours to revel in for as long as you need. In this space you are protected, here you are shielded…

Leave your past struggles in the past and begin to let go of your pain and confusion.

We all deserve a space, even if just within, to retreat in grace and tend to our wounds. The star comes to us offering protection and love. See its approach in your life and reach out to touch it, open yourself up to the possibility of moving forward in peace. Forgive your missteps and mistakes and move forward committed to your own beautiful wellness.

THIS is your message from the universe to stop beating yourself up for whatever heartbreak and trauma you’ve been through. Your journey through The Star is one of upliftment. Go where you are nurtured and loved. Find your tribe. May you find peace in your heart always.

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