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The Spiritual Bath Explained

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

A spiritual bath after the full moon can help recharge your "battery" during this waning cycle. In a cosmic sense, we are all connected, to everything, even the moon, with its push and pull over the tides. We wax and we wane, often not realizing or recognizing the swing but it is there. My higher self feels the sway. Honoring and respecting the natural cycles of life means recognizing my waxing and waning and taking care of my spiritual wellness accordingly.

Ever since I started listening to my higher self, life has been downright beautiful. To stop now would be foolish…when the moon appears to disappear before our eyes, it’s time to rest and restore, and repel the negative energy that can drain us. I use rue and calendula, two different kinds of mint, and other herbs meant to help “reset” or “reboot” my soul energy.

Rue (Ruta graveolens) is used to kill off bacteria, fungus, and repel unwelcome pests. This makes sense, as it is considered a “purifying” herb by many folk and conjure person across the diaspora and used to repel evil spirits. We do not recommend ingesting but as part of a bath satchel it makes a wonderfully bright and herbaceous addition. Calendula (Calendula officinalis), often associated with the sun, brings warmth and joy and much needed “brightness” during this midwinter slumber.

But, what is a spiritual bath?

It is a baptism. A ritual intended to “cleanse” you on a spiritual level by way of water and a mixing of specific herbs, each with an intended purpose for your wellness. Water is life -- across many denominations and religious belief systems, water is a symbol of purification. Indigenous and native communities around the world have used bath as the time for divine ritual cleansing. Water is a gateway through which many things can flow. We all follow the ritual of cleansing either before bed or as soon as we wake up in the morning. Water washes away literal filth but also figurative filth as well.

Showers and bath are easy, overall spiritually sound practices to maintain. The addition of herbs, either directly to the bath or poured over one’s head after a shower, adds a deliberate piece of care that is good for us. Mentally, we are telling ourselves, we are important enough to go through the trouble of stewing in some herbs and spices. It is a simple luxury to wash ourselves in flowers and herbs. It feels good and it isn’t difficult to do. My ancestors have been doing ritual spiritual baths for many, many generations.

We value self care. It is the entire point of our Apothecary’s existence. Your physical, mental, and also spiritual health and wellness is important. Herbal baths are a perfect way to “reset” and “reboot” your spiritual wellness. Like a vitamin B12 shot for your soul!

The world can feel out of control and we carry some of that chaotic energy with us all the time. It can build up over time. Doubly so if you have experienced trauma, are trying to maintain mental or chronic illness, or are part of a threatened, marginalized group. The least we can do is take the time to give ourselves a bath and a moment to wash some of our frustrations away.

If you're particularly exhausted, short tempered, and easily frustrated; if this planet is feeling small, you are weighed down by hardship, and the push to make ends meet feels like too much, a spiritual bath may help you heal some of that hurting with a focus inward on self love and care.

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