Notes from a Wise Woman

The ABC's of a Happy New Year

The earth has made another revolution around the sun. Praise be.

My wish for us all is healing and I believe that healing begins with self care.

Self care is different for each of us and I always encourage clients to begin with soul work in order to figure out what self care looks like for them! Soul work is the process of self examination. This process can be intimidating, especially when we have limited access or time for therapy.

Throughout my healing journey, I have followed some basic rules, my ABC's of soul work and I thought it would be a perfect time to share them with you:

Ask for help when in need

Be open to the process

Create safe space

Defend your boundaries

Engage in therapeutic activities

Forgive yourself

Grieve the past self

Honor the present self

Ignore toxic situations

Just breathe

Know your limits

Love self in every stage and phase

Make "me first" your mantra

No is a complete sentence

Overthrow the self critic

Practice Patience

Question unhealthy habits

Rest mind, body, and spirit

Stay with it

Treat self for all the hard work

Unpack your triggers to avoid them

Vibrate high, openly, and unapologetically

Walk in your truth

Xerox the love you receive

Yes is a complete sentence too

Zero in on your blessings

The last one is important so you can gain perspective on why you are on this journey.

The process of self examination and self care can be daunting, remember that healing is non-linear and has no time limit. Everything is cyclical and some days the road ahead might feel impossible, It's ok to take time to comfort and care for your inner child. Change is scary, even when it's beneficial.

You are worth the effort it takes to heal yourself. Keep going, you deserve peace and joy.

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