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Tarot Suit Meanings

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Tarot cards mimic the structure of any typical deck of playing cards and if you’ve ever played a game of solitaire you are familiar with the suits:


In tarot

  1. CUPS replace HEARTS

  2. SWORDS replace SPADES

  3. WANDS replace CLUBS


Each suit is a symbolic representation of all the different part of ourselves that live in harmony. The different parts of us that think, feel, do, and dream are all represented in tarot via the journey through each suit.

In tarot:

CUPS symbolize the emotional wellspring from which love is emptied and filled. Water is its element and a journey through the suit of cups teaches us mastery of our emotional selves; in cups we learn how to give and receive in equal measures.

SWORDS symbolize the mental musings that give birth to life wisdom. Air is its element and a journey through the suit of swords brings us acceptance and universal understanding; in swords we learn how to think critically and communicate honestly.

WANDS symbolize the creative spark from which knowledge of self grows. Fire is its element and a journey through the suit of wands is one of passionate self discovery; in wands we learn how to follow our dreams fearlessly.

PENTACLES symbolize what can be seen, tasted, touched, experienced. Earth is its element and a journey through the suit of pentacles will find you planting seeds for future growth; in pentacles we learn to reap what we sow with integrity.

Each suit begins its journey with the Ace – a gateway into the path of its coordinating suit – and ends with the King – a master in control of the suit they rule in. Knowing which suit you are in can give you a better understanding of your readings but it can also provide you with insight into your strengths and challenges.

Which suit are you in? Take this quiz and learn more.

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