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Spiritual Limpiares for your Home

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Where we live carries much energy. Standing witness to and absorbing the joys and sorrows of our lives, the space we call home can become heavy over time. Limpiares are an effective way to lift, lighten, and raise the vibrations in your home.

Start one room or one space at a time and move from the front of your home or space to the back, sweeping all of the dirt out of the back door if possible; You can also collect dust and debris into a dust bin but throw that outside asap!

Declutter your space as much as possible, especially around windows, doors, and corners. Then mix your cleansing agent. This can be as simple as diluting pine sole with water, salt, and lemons or as complex as infusing pine needles in vinegar and adding to a lemon water dilution. This is up to your time and energy.

The intentions matter more than what you use to clean, so use what you have access to and get moving. Play music to not only help motivate you but to cleanse the very vibrations in your space. Our ancestors knew the power of music and dance and they used it liberally, to great effect.

My favorite washes are simple and you only need four (4) ingredients:

  1. half to one (1) gallon of vinegar

  2. six (6) lemons, orange, or other citrus sliced

  3. several handfuls of salt

  4. Herbs of your choice (I like pine or rosemary)

Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly, add mixture to a bucket and fill with purified water, you can use moon or sun water here for spiritual efficacy.

Wash your windows, doorways, floors, and moldings from the front of your home to the back and allow to air dry.

When you are finished, sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your home and then light your favorite incense or candle and relax! You and your space are worth the effort.

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