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So You Got the Tower? Now What…

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I’ve been reading tarot for almost 30 years and in all that time, every time The Tower card makes an appearance folks get shooketh! Shit, I’m shook right now! As if the mere invocation of this card might set off a spiral of change.

This card terrifies.

Rightfully so. The Tower symbolizes a shift so blatant you couldn’t possibly ignore it. Change is afoot, get ready. Change is scary as fuck, even in the best of circumstances.

Change in tarot is all together terrifying. The Tower is falling, it is a nightmare ride, off the side of a cliff, with no safety net.

The chances of being cosmically impaled are high and how exactly does one recover from a cosmic impaling, anyway?

You don’t. Everything is different now, we survive, we work on healing, and living. We plant flowers in the gap and water gently until something new grows in its place.

It’s not all bad though. You’ll also be breaking down walls, ejecting bad habits & people, and finding more fertile foundation from which to build anew.

The Tower comes when it’s time to shake things up. The Tower comes when the regular, necessary but, gentle pushes towards change, the universe had sent prior, were somehow ignored.

You’ve reached no outlet, on this leg of your journey. It’s a dead end, this place isn’t safe and now your only choices are to track back over the rocky terrain from where you came or forge a whole new path.

The Tower is opportunity you’ve been too stubborn to see coming in the form of a complete overhaul on your life. Always for the best my love! I promise.

Since the dawn of the inception of my true understanding of this card, I explain its appearance like this…

Do not let the burning building be of any concern or consequence. These are the bricks that have neither sheltered nor served their purpose, crumbling away and out of your life.

Focus, instead, on the lightning and the fall. The spark that struck and set everything ablaze; Follow it, like Alice and her white rabbit come to lead the way. If you’re open the stage is set for a great adventure. Do not struggle as you fall. Do not reach out your hands to steady yourself. Let go. If you are doing spiritual self care, you can rely on faith to see you through safely.

Change happens. It is the one constant in this great, big, chaotic chasm of universe and star stuff. Change comes, most often, with churning. It’s ok to churn. You are still in control.

Take a deep, cleansing breath.

Straighten those shoulders. Drink a glass of water. Be sure to eat and take your meds. Rest often and without guilt.

Center yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Now is not the time to take on new distractions. It’s time to feel your feels and process this transition.

Check in with yourself often and make sure you’re asking for help along the way. You are a divine being and worthy of all this churn. Let go. Wonderland awaits.


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