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Significance of Color in Candlework

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Candles are a major part of spiritual works. Fire itself is a life force made manifest and therefore sacred, protective, integral to our very survival. Anyone who has sat around a camp fire or fireplace, hypnotized by the dancing flames understands the primal power and draw of fire.

Therefore, candles and the intentions we put into lighting and keeping them are an integral part of most every sacred ceremony, from self care to memorial rituals. They light the way towards what we wish to manifest.



Black holds sacred energy, shielding, and protecting the space. A perfect choice for inner reflection and shadow work. Use in warding or new moon rituals, and for manifesting, literally anything; Especially if it is matters that you move in silence, undetected. It is a most sanctified color to work with.


A most basic utilitarian candle in comparison to all the other colors. White is used for it's reflective power. An efficient stand in for most any ritual. It can work in a myriad of ceremonies. However, white is best used to amplify energy and in conjunction with other colors. They are most powerful in rituals that reveal what may be hidden. Full moon, self care, and return to sender spells all work best using white candles.


Symbolic of sun energy, yellow brightens the path toward healing. Perfect for celebratory rituals, like spring equinox or rituals to invite joy and vitality. It is great for amplifying the blessings we have. Use during birthday wish and new intention setting spells. Yellow holds both the promise of spring and the heat of summer and is too often over looked in candle work.


The number one choice in any protection spell should be red. It holds fire medicine and is a symbol of power and ferocity. Use red to call guardian spirits to the battlefield and to protect loved ones and self from spiritual warfare. It holds passion multiplied and can be wielded like a weapon. Often used in spells of romance and love, I do not recommend it. Red, like fire, carries energy we can't always control.


Pink holds passion without overwhelming. It is ideal for rituals of self love, especially when healing from heartbreak. All the power of red is present without the punch. In matters where diplomacy is required, use pink candles to open hearts. It has the power to extinguish furious flames.


A great symbol of abundance, orange combines the softness of pink and the passion of red but grounds and tempers the fury, inviting warmth. Use in rituals that multiply blessings you already have, to manifest long term wealth. and in rituals of gratitude. Perfect for drawing good fortune and in house warming and other blessings.


Like a forest full of trees in summer's full bloom, green holds the promise of new life and earthly gains. It represents the growth that comes from time and nurturance. Open roads and rid obstacles toward your goals. Bring opportunity and money to your door and use in working spells that secure already gotten gains.


Blue can be a symbol for everything that is wonderous and limitless in this world. Like the waters of life reflecting an infinite sky; or our healing, it is a powerful symbol of renewal. Use in works that promote peace during periods of chaos, healing spells, self care works and rituals that help us reach our fullest potential,


Purple is a bridge between fire and water, war and peace, day time and night. A sacred color that holds liminal energy and all the mysteries within. Use purple in spells that breach the boundaries between the past and present to reach your ancestors and begin destroying generational curses. It is also perfect in dreamwork and rituals that connect us to our higher selves.


The type of candle we choose has meaning. Like choosing something fast but steady burning to hasten an outcome over nurturing a larger candle to secure long term goals; Choosing the right color candle for the right spell also matters. In this way we align our intentions with our actions, strengthening the powers of manifestation.

Wise Women Apothecary carries spell and altar candles in a variety of colors for all your spiritual needs.

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