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Self care ritual: Waxing Moon

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

As the moon grows bright so does the opportunity for greater wisdoms. During this phase, we should be brave and committed to self care. Ask the powers that be to reveal hidden challenges in your path.

If you are looking for enlightenment around a particular situation, this selfcare ritual, takes advantage of the waxing moon phase.


It can help give focus and clarity...

You'll need:

A white candle


Mint tea

Paper towel

Cup and shallow pan

Heat safe pot

A piece of yarn or string

Some paper and a pen


What you'll do:

  • Boil some water and steep your tea in a shallow pan, let it cool

  • Cut the string so it fits comfortably around your wrist when tied

  • Once cool, dip the paper into the tea, (make sure the page gets completely saturated)

  • Dip your string in the tea as well

Set both aside on some paper towel and let them dry.

When the page is dry use your pen to write the intention (query/petition/situation) for which you are seeking enlightenment/clarity about.

Important note📝

Take your time. Clearly communicate what information you're looking to receive. Ex. Is this new job offer a healthy opportunity for me? How can I best prepare for expected and unexpected challenges? What bad habits am I still carrying around?

(A clearly communicated intention or query that is self centered and pointed yields clear and specific responses)

  • Repeat your intentions outloud while tying the string around your wrist. (this represents the issue at hand for which you need clarity)

  • Light your candle

  • Add cool, clean water to a glass and set it next to the candle

  • Repeat your query again

  • Ask your guides for clarity and guidance towards making decisions that are in your best interest, especially where this query is concerned

  • Use the candle to light the paper on fire and place it in a heat safe pot to burn, dispose of the ashes away from home

  • Place flowers, candy, or chocolates alongside the candle and glass of water, leave until the full moon

  • Allow the candle burn itself out

  • Wear the string around your wrist until it falls off naturally

If you are quiet and practice patience, clarity should come by the full moon on May 7


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