Notes from a Wise Woman

Reaching for You

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This existence is the only one I will, now or ever, know.

It is only here and only now I exist.

Only this.


A double edged sword.

Knowing this, I reach into the abyss

for signs of love. Giving you

my youth, my years….my innocence but, this is it.

My experience

and I am not here alone

I can



So, I reach up and out.


for you

Showing you, I can

make myself whole again

Proving to myself,

I am alive.

In response, the universe provides


A lesson,

a blessing,

a soul mate come to create with me

We are love and rage, old friends that play this way, everyday

carefully, in harmony only knowing ourselves through each other.

Tell me that

you need me


I                                                                  need you

And tell me

that you love me the way

I                                                                   love you

Every time you do

we are sanctified souls

Clinging to the only existence we will, now or ever, know.

#air #existentialism #swords

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