Notes from a Wise Woman

Paying for Spiritual Services

When you go to church they pass a collection plate. Those who have a church home offer tithings, which for some may be a percentage of their entire household income. Pastors in congregations all over the world make small to large fortunes on these types of donations and offerings.

We understand this is a necessary rite. A gift for the many blessings a particular place of worship or spiritual path has brought to our life. Sitting down for a divination is no less of a gift. The messages you receive from spirit through your chosen medium or counselor is no less of a blessing than the one you receive from your local pastor.

Colonization has seen to it that many of us do not honor and respect the role of the diviner in our communities. Often we are seen as charlatans and grifters or worse demonic souls bent on corruptions. Indigenous "old world" practices and especially Black and Native American practices are seen as romanticized lore and fairy tale. For some our craft is little more than costumes one can wear when playing at "creative" living.

Really we are gifted, multi-faceted, and intuitive healers, counselors, doulas, leaders, and guides in the community and worthy of respect and offerings for our services. Unless we are inviting you for a free session, always pay, at least, our recommended fees. This is as much to show your spirit guides and guardians they are worth this time as it is to show appreciation for our services.

Our fees help us grow both in our practice and in the services we offer.

Before folks rush to remind me that fakers and takers exist, I am well aware that there are spiritualists in these spaces taking advantage of vulnerable people and exploiting pain. Use your discernment when choosing spiritual counsel. Many a pastor has fallen corrupt in Christian circles as well. There is corruption in every space.

Generally speaking spiritual counselors who harp on the negative and insist on ever increasing fees for lifting these energies, should be avoided. It's ok to seek a second opinion if you think your divination is off.

However, sometimes clients do have extremely negative juju that needs to be cleared away and this takes an extraordinary amount of work on both the client and the healer's part. The fees laid out are almost always to account for the spiritual toll this work can take on us.

It's ok to ask questions and for references. You are permitted to inquire on our level of experience. Your spiritual wellness matters and it is worth the investment you are making in money and time. Choose wisely and you could be connecting with someone who can guide you to a deeper understanding of self.

A well practiced spiritual counselor, dedicated to their client's growth is a precious and priceless asset. Be willing to pay for this counsel. The return on investment is always, somehow more than what we've paid to access the divination. Trust the process.

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