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Oils, Butters, and Crème, Oh My!

The Apothecary carries a lot of different options for bath and body nourishment. However, not all enrichment is created equal. There are many differences between oils and creams. Some are meant to hydrate while others are meant to protect.

I love the opportunity to teach you via this blog and through social media. While it isn't the one-on-one interaction I was use to before the pandemic, it allows me to cover a lot of topics at once. Today, I want to discuss some key differences between body oils, butters, balms, and crème.

Our skin types can usually fall into one of these categories - dry, oily, neutral, and combination - understanding our skin type can help us understand our needs. It also helps develop products that address challenges and provide wellness.

My products are made with a variety of herbal infused carrier oils, nut and fruit butters, as well as essential oils. The recipes are intended to provide everything from hydration to healing. Let's explore some basics:


Whipped body butters and moisturizers are plentiful in the Apothecary. They provide deep nourishment and hydration to especially dry skin types. The shaving whip uses both coco and mango butters, while our wellspring butter uses a combination of shea and herbal infused coconut oil, these formulas are meant to soothe and heal our skin. Apply as a moisturizer or to problem areas. Great for razor rash, dry winter chapped or irritated skin.

Crème (pronounced cr ehms):

Much like whipped butters, crèmes are light and sweet, great for many skin types intended to provide moisture but are much lighter with no carrier oils, making them ideal for oily or combination skin. Crème is made with nut or fruit butters and essential oils. Applied after exfoliating, to clean, damp skin, to absorb as much of the nourishing properties as possible.


A thicker formula for dry, chapped, irritated, eczema prone skin. Body and healing balms are made with fruit and nut butters, herbal infused carrier, and essential oils, along with beeswax. They are applied after cleansing and moisturizing to seal and protect raw, sensitive skin like our lips, from further damage and pollutants. The herbs and oils provide medicinal nourishment, while the wax acts like a bandage, keeping nutrients in and irritants out!


In the Apothecary you can find herbal infused face oil, aftershave oil, and a myriad of spiritual body oils. These are intended to nourish and protect skin. Oils do not provide hydration, rather they can be antifungal (like tea tree) or firming (like rosehips oil) and sit on the first few layers of your dermis to protect you from a variety of pollutants and are meant to be applied after exfoliation and hydration! Great for extremely dry, patchy skin types or to help balance combination/neutral skin types. Our infused oils are made with a variety of carrier oils including, coconut, grapeseed, apricot kernel, castor, olive, and almond oils, along with essential oils to address specific needs.

If you haven't yet been able to assess and identify your skin type you should, this will help you find the right products for you. If it is safe, find a local aesthetician or dermatologist to help you. There are also several makeup manufacturers who provide skin assessment quizzes, online, for your convenience. Fenty Skin was very helpful when I was in search of a toner for my dry skin! The good news is the Apothecary is always developing new and improved formulas to address all types of bath, body, and spiritual needs!

Keep coming back for opportunities to treat yourself.

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