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Updated: Jul 5

Spiritually speaking we are always enough. Even when we are feeling inadequate.

Bitterness comes to us. You are not alone. Life comes at all of us fast. Feelings of regret, anxiety, and doubt are constantly washing over us, waves flowing in and out like the tides. Shaping our realities. Changing our perspectives. The churning can feel constant but it never is.

Nothing lasts forever. The only constant is change.

My toxic trait is that I want to bring everyone through these cycles painlessly but there are some changes that are beyond the protection of spiritual medicines. Grief claims us all at some point. Even positive change can bring upset.

At the end of the day, vulnerable beings (and anyone coming to me for spiritual care is vulnerable) need practical solutions. If a healer cannot create spiritual frameworks that are easy, accessible, and purposeful, then what exactly are we healing?

If it were only as easy as wishing, wanting and attracting...

Capitalism takes great advantage of our desire for easy and convenient, offering us up distractions that superficially fill a void but, manifesting a best life requires healing, centering, grounding, time and patience.

If one cannot find safe space due to mental or chronic illness, physical, emotional, or economic violence, is unhoused, or in some other kind of survival mode condition, spiritual work feels impossible and impractical. Distractions make it impossible to call peace and prosperity to us.

No amount of vision boards and journals can help us "see" ourselves and define goals, if we can't see past surviving one day to the next.

As healers in the world, if we cannot understand limitations and see individual need, abilities, and resources, we will fail those we work so hard to protect and center.

Healing happens from within but only within safe spaces that have strong foundations and unwavering support. Medicine looks like so many things. There are many therapies and many paths to healing but we must be willing to go well beyond thoughts, prayers, and toxic positivity.

Crystals, smoke cleansing, and candle lighting are only symbols of our intention and manifesting requires more than just symbols. Especially at a time when systems are breaking down around us. Healers, teachers, medicine people, spiritual leaders in the world, it is now our work to build bridges all around us.

Privilege does not equal "blessed and favored," we do not live spiritually healthy lives by telling such lies. We do not live in our ideals, we live in reality and we are all doing the absolute best we can. We do not all start at the same place with the same tools.

It is time to share wisdoms and accept change.

Spirituality and the rituals therein takes actual practice and dedication, it is not aesthetic (though that is what many choose to focus on). Every intention has the potential to impact and change the world.

Manifesting happens while practicing the work of love, whatever "the work" for you may be. It is time for compassionate rebuilding, of self in our own homes, and as part of a collective within our communities.

May we all find the nourishment we need to continue the work of growing and healing.

Please enjoy this minute with podcaster and speaker Manasi Kakade who talks about "Bridgewalking" and rebuilding with spiritual health in mind.

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