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New Moon Ritual

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A New Moon gives us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and dream. Tap into our intuition and explore our deepest desires. If you could have any single thing, what would you want for yourself? Take a chance to explore this without limits. Leave your nagging voice outside when you do this ritual. Dream your dreams and feel your feels fully with this one.

It is a time of renewal where we can start fresh. Cry if you need to cry. Forgive any past mistakes. The road that led you here helped create the person you are right now.

It's ok to reassess without criticizing yourself. New moon allows us quiet space to lick wounds and let go in peace. Honor your cycles. Resolve to break bad habits and set intentions anew. What do you want and need from your experiences in this life moving forward?

This ritual will help guide us in these endeavors.

Let's release old disappointments and look ahead with hope, Take this opportunity to connect with your inner passions and intuitions.

What you will need:

  • White candle

  • White cloth/place-mat

  • Moon incense/holder

  • Fresh water

  • Paper and pen (seed paper opt)

What you will do:

Always cleanse yourself and your space before practicing any rituals

  • Set up your space

Clean off a sturdy table, lay down your cloth, set down a glass of water, the candle, and incense.

  • Light your candle

  • Light your incense

  • Set down water, paper, and pen

  • Sit down comfortably and focus on yourself

  • Set a goal and think about a few steps you can take to reach it

Before you write your inentions down, think about what kind of changes might be required? See yourself overcoming any obstacles within yourself to manifest your desires. Picture yourself living your best life.

What are you wearing? How is your hair styled? Who is with you? Don't be afraid to dream and imagine all the possibilities. Even the outrageous ones!

  • Once you feel satisfied, write it down and then read it out loud.

Take a few minutes and breath deeply. The more time you take with this the more successful you will be at reaching your goals.

If you wrote your intentions on seed paper, bury and water, when you are done. You can also burn the page and scatter or bury the ashes in your favorite garden bed or houseplant. Continue to nurture to maturity.

As you do this say, "I am worthy of seeing my dreams come to fruition." Then water your dreams daily!

Remember that you deserve to be happy.

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