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Spring is sprung here in the south of Jersey, where I have already begun to plant some seeds and prepare the medicine cupboard. Out with the old and in with the new! The holidays came and went in the midst of a pandemic. I feel blessed to see that so many of you took my advice and leaned into your rituals of self care.

Shower melts have been a huge hit with everyone and I am doing my best to keep up with demand; Along with restocking body balms, butters and whips for spring and summer, I am excited to introduce some great new offerings for you in 2021.

For spring:

I am most excited to share my Milk Bath Bombs with you - these petite "eggs" are packed with therapeutic salt, dehydrated coconut milk, and scented with lime essential oil. Creating a luxurious white bath that will cleanse you of stress and aggressive tensions.

Also on deck this season are Hair Detox Bars for all hair types - oatmeal soap, bentonite clay, aloe, and a special blend of lavender and sage infused coconut oil create a soap bar that will cleanse, detox, and condition your scalp.

For my clients utilizing spiritual tools and services, you will now be able to purchase "dressed" altar candles for specific intention setting, ask about it during our next session.

Coming this summer:

All body balms, whips, butters, and cremes will now contain zinc, raspberry and carrot seed oil to provide SPF protection throughout the year. Florida and orange blossom water washes are coming to the shop, look for them around May 16!

In June, mini mystery boxes will be available for $12.50.

As my garden grows, smudge sticks and fresh flower, grass, and herb satchels will be available, along with brand new tea mixes!

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Stay tuned, there's so much more to come!

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