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How to use Spiritual Oils

Spiritual wellness is a matter of perspective. It depends upon one's system of beliefs and above all else it is about faith.

When it comes to medicine, efficacy increases with good faith. Rituals work because faith is magic and our bodies respond to that magic in incredible ways.

This is the case for every kind of medicine including spiritual medicine, which can be anything from baths to affirmations. Right now I would like to center oils. Spiritual oils have been a part of sacred ceremony and ritual for always.

Infused with herbs, flowers, resins, roots, or all of the above, they can be used in a variety of ways.

The apothecary carries several types of sweet almond based spiritual oils.

  1. Abundance oil: infused with a combination of herbs and roots to invite money and good fortune.

  2. Protection oil: this is mixed with the intention of providing spiritual security to those who use it.

  3. Healing oil: made with vulnerary plants, to lift spiritual blocks and sooth the aching soul.

These oils can be used on their own or in combination with each other depending on your spiritual intentions.

To manifest a great amount of health and harmony, for example, you could anoint yourself with both the healing and abundance oil while affirming your worthiness.

You could also anoint an altar candle with your chosen oil and meditate on your path and your needs.

For those interested, using oils alongside bath teas with the same combination of herbs can amplify their effects.

If you keep a journal, a few drops of protection oil rubbed into the cover or dropped onto the first and last pages can keep prying eyes out!

You can drop some abundance oil onto goal setting and vision boards. Add oils to your bath or your favorite hair and skin products!

We are precious beings.

While these types of rituals may seem "extra" they are, at core, ways to remind you how precious you really are.

I believe it is good to set aside time for these simple rituals. They are meant to remind us to move deliberately and be empowered.

While using them we are forced to think about what abundance, healing, and protection looks like for each of us in the reality we are trying to create for ourselves.

Working through any ritual mindfully, whether bedtime routine or candle magic, is a way to connect and center self; To focus our intentions in a way that help us live up to our greatest potential.

You can purchase spiritual oils from the apothecary. Custom oils are also available after spiritual consult. Contact with questions.

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