Notes from a Wise Woman

Happy New Year 2021

This year feels different. It was somehow longer, more days, extra weeks, several more months crammed into it. With this pandemic still firmly raging throughout the country, it feels endless! 2020, an unprecedented time in everyone's life was a seemingly constant loop of tragedy. Getting to this day feels miraculous.

We did it.

We made it through this horrible year. If you accomplished absolutely nothing else, you did that and I am ever so proud of us for it.

That feeling of exhaustion is normal. Our leadership and the billionaires that pay them did everything they could to push us to the brink. Asking us to do more with less and call it patriotic duty. We have been gaslit and ignored, your frustration is appropriate, even if you can't always place where it is coming from.

May we see more opportunity for joy in the coming days ahead. May we easily find reasons to laugh and safe places to cry. If you were unable to center yourself and your needs this past year, I hope you see that change in 2021.

While this was the year most of us stayed home, not all of us responded to the isolation the same way, may we all find therapeutic resources to help us process what we have been through, individually and as a collective.

If I may be so bold as to give unsolicited advice, find space in the coming season to deal with your trauma and pain. Find space to release it into the ether and let it disappear.

In spite of everything we have been through there is still magic to be found. There is still magic and while I'll never recommend chasing waterfalls, go run in the rain, splash in some puddles, please go chase a few rainbows,

Repeat after me:

I deserve happiness!

I hope you find time to reflect deeply over what brings you the most joy, then go get it. Be relentless. Be political and just and inclusive. Find all and every love connection...

Repeat after me:

I deserve love!

In every way and from every one sharing a relationship with you. It's ok to not be ok and it's ok to be magnificent too, sometimes even at the same time.

Repeat after me:

I am wonderful and worthy!

Please pursue happiness and do it without impeding upon anyone else's. If you let 2020 slip by and did not think about you and your needs, do not let a single second of 2021 happen without you centering yourself.

So many things can blossom from this kind of healing.

Repeat after me:

I deserve healing and wholeness!

May every road lead you to enlightenment and karmic completion. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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