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Grounding Through Chaos

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

There will always be churning. There will always be change.


It is a time of chaos. One has to look no further than current events to see what I mean.

We can’t much control the world around us but we can control how we respond to it.

Stress is a killer. It is harmful to mind, body, and soul. It will eat at you if left unchecked. We were not meant to absorb endless amounts of collective pain without consequence. This is most especially critical for empaths. Life can and does becomes “too much.”

Grounding myself, reminding myself of my own divinity, power, and strength is critical to my survival. I am often plugged into a steady stream of stress and pain.

We are not meant to endure all these global tragedies on top of all of our personal tragedies, especially not alone, and while the internet has brought endless amounts of knowing, we are not equipped to be omnni-cognitive beings.

Finding a way to stay grounded is challenging and I need to constantly remind myself to


The world gets overwhelming to the point that I cannot see straight….so I breathe…one breath per moment. With every inhale and exhale I gain more control of myself and the stress. I take as many as I need, these moments are mine and through them, everything stands still. In this way, I am also controlling my time.

I imagine, through my first few breaths, my pain, worry, and stress, becoming small. Imagine myself floating above it just out of reach. In this space, I am protected from all the perceived urgency.

In this space I can


I focus inward and then see myself planted firmly. I am grounded, my roots deep. I reach inside myself and take another breath. It is in this moment I ask, “What do I need, right now?” and free myself from whatever shame or guilt the answers might bring. I am only human. I am allowed to have needs. I am allowed to fulfill those needs.

I remain open to my feelings, whatever they are. I may have forgotten to eat or take medicine. I may need a shower and a therapist. I may need to scream or cry or share in some type of intimacy with my partner. Whatever it is, I don’t turn away from my needs. I try not to lose myself in distractions. I try to be as real about it as I possibly can and then I


If I am thirsty, I hydrate. If I hunger, I eat. If I want nothing but rest and darkness, I do my best to make a way for this, even if only for a small amount of time. Whatever my desire, as long as it isn’t harmful to me or others, I do my best to satisfy it.

I am alive and entitled to happiness. Even in the midst of all this chaos and stress. Even when it feels like there’s no time. When things are getting to be too much and my brain is on overload, I need to unplug from the chaos of the world and plug into something that sees my needs being met.

When I allow myself these moments of centering, when I ground myself, enough to feel myself, to know myself, I learn to care for myself in more meaningful ways. My emotional and mental well-being matters and that notion deserves to take root inside me and grow.

I wish that for all of us today.  May you find your needs being met and your life grounded in something joyful, even through the chaos.

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