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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

It wasn’t long after I started committing to my altar work that I began to notice, “the signs,” which is a difficult thing to describe, since the signs are different for us all.

This universe is energy incarnate. Everything in it, of it, and around it…star stuff. We are all connected. We are all star stuff. Pure energy. Sometimes we can see it, fast cars, flying footballs, rocket ships into space, for example.

Most times we can’t. I love to use home game advantage and the holiday spirit as prime examples of tangible energy we can’t really see but know exists. Energy is a force and everything from soil to the sun use it to thrive. The universe is alive! A spirit made of star stuff, communicating with us in lots of ways. If we are still enough, quiet enough, brave enough, we will notice.

Altar work for me, is meditation time. It’s also time to communicate with my ancestors, spend some time in gratitude, lay down my offerings, and if there is need, my petitions for aid in removing obstacles.

This time allows me to focus my brain and my energy in productive ways. It gives me a minute to assess my spiritual and psychological wellness. I also get to address my needs with beings I trust implicitly…my ancestors.

Then I move about my day. Sometimes it’s as simple as turning on the radio and hearing a song that validates me. Sometimes I’m drawn to pick up my cards or my bones for deeper communication. I can also dream a dream that lead to some answers.

There are signs, lessons, and messages, literally everywhere. In the rain and water. In the wind and trees.

Contact with the animal kingdom can be signs from the universe too. A cardinal sighting, most commonly, symbolizes the loving presence of a guardian spirit. Technology is not immune either, well-timed social media posts, memes, graphics, videos, or other messages can be signs from spirit. There is no road the universe will not take to help you to your life’s purpose.

Of course, never underestimate the power of your own inner voice. Push past the self doubt and cynicism. You’re life experiences are also messages from the past, reminding you not to repeat certain mistakes twice!

Take it seriously. You are worthy of divine intervention and if no one has ever told you, consider this message. It is your sign. Take yourself seriously. Honor and value yourself.

The moment you recognize your divinity, is the very moment this entire universe will begin to conspire to please you. The moment you begin to realize exactly what you need, the moment you begin to know yourself, the universe begins to organize the chaos for you…

“and you’ll know how it was meant to be, see the signs and know they’re speaking…to you.” – Natalie Merchant (10000 Maniacs, These are the Days)

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