Notes from a Wise Woman

Finding Joy

2020, we can all agree, was a disaster of a year. There has been too much loss to count, Our best laid plans, the ideas we had for ourselves, like berries frozen on the branch, were kept from us and spoiled.

The price we paid for incompetent leadership was too high to name. What price can we put on life itself? The willingness of so many to ignore public health and safety made many things more challenging, especially for the most vulnerable of us. It all made the world seem much more scary, so much less safe.

2021 may see us having to survive through these challenges a bit longer and finding joy may seem like an impossibility but we get through by practicing patience, self love and tender care. Trust me!

If you are living in a toxic household this tender, love, and self care is most critical, you must let your inner voice gently nudge you to be good to yourself, especially when no one else will.

You are not alone, not if you are reading this! I am here!

Go eat! Hydrate! Ask for help! It gets easier. It WILL get easier.

You deserve to be able to explore your inner landscape in peace. If this year taught me anything it is how precious this "in-scape" is when there is so much collective tragedy and loss out there.

There has been an unprecedented amount of time to sit still and pay attention. It made me uncomfortable, even sad and lonely sometimes. In the stillness, however, I recognized the things that brought me joy. I discovered MY passions.

Growth and clarity of intention came from this place. Overall it brought me some long, overdue healing.

I recognized my fight, made peace with the past,

I dove deep down into these still waters, into my emotional center and faced myself. I remembered myself, my past self and all my past selves and I purged the ego from us all. I wrestled the beast and we found balance and won a life more fulfilled, I bridged gaps, in my home, with my children, with my husband, and even with family hundreds of miles away.

I made more meaningful connections...yes, through social media, video chatting, and zoom calls! Finding joy, for me, meant wading through a bit of discomfort before settling with ease into my life, now transformed, irreparably, by covid-19.

It meant being empowered while also releasing every single thing beyond my control and there was so much I could not control. I let go in faith. Ready, willing, and able to embark on a more fulfilling path. That was the gift of 2020.


Real, actual time to find real, actual joy, which was like medicine from the heartbreak and tremendous grief of this tragic year, of staying home, and missing life. Joy could not come from experiences but rather from nostalgia, within memory banks, and pulled from a deeper understanding of self,

May we all find this stillness, a deeper understanding of self, and may it truly warm our spirits this holiday season and beyond.

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