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Earth Represented in the Tarot Deck

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Each suit in the tarot embodies one of the four elements.


Today, I want to talk about Earth – represented in the Tarot through Pentacles. Full disclosure, I am a Taurus, my moon in Capricorn…earth is mother, a life sustaining gift, sacred and great. I am most comfortable and comforted in this element.

In every direction we can feel the pulse of energy that lies in and around the mother. Life and death exists in unison. Ever churning, fighting for balance.

When we view the tarot through this elemental lense, we see the story of our journey through and our relationship with Earth.

In earth all life is cradled and sustained. No card affirms this more than the Ace of pentacles. Showing us possibility, this card represents what can be when we remain centered, grounded, and true to ourselves. In earth we find resources and we fill needs. It is all things tangible. Pentacle is the suit of coin and commerce and therefore representative of all that make us feel safe and secure.

Each step through this suit is a lesson in minding our natures.

Because while we may find goodness grows here, we also see greed, invasive like weeds, can grow here too.

We learn through the suit of pentacles and the element of earth, how to tend to our gardens. How to temper the earth spirit so we can remain in harmony with the other elements.

We see in cards like the 6 of pentacles the importance of giving, the importance of asking for help. In the Queen of pentacles we see the joys of harvesting what you’ve sown after a season of toiling. Hard work in something that gives you gratification is rewarding and both the suit and the element validate that along our way.

A journey through the element of earth is wrought with what may seem like immovable obstacles but each step on your way enlightens and informs the next. Before your journey is through, the very ground will be lifting to meet your feet.

The earth gives generously to those who honor this journey.

My own relationship to the earth is complex and I am working hard to honor the process and reconnect to my “roots,” so to speak. I want to use this element and the suit of pentacles to better understand my place in the universe and of course to help you understand yours. It was with that sentiment I created my latest reading – The Earth Spirit Spread – with this reading I am able to harness the element of earth to center, ground, and focus you on your journey.

My feeling is when we have a greater understanding of our own interconnectedness we do a better job of caring for one another. My goal with tarot and in my life in general is to validate and affirm our place in the universe. There is no more certain space to see that at work then in the circle of life through the element of Earth.

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