Notes from a Wise Woman

Counseling vs. Therapy

I do not move in spaces pretending to be a therapist...or therapy substitute.

I am a spiritual counselor. I counsel.

The differences are basic and simple.

A spiritual counselor can help you explore your soulscape, cultivate emotional wellness, and find fulfillment on your inner quest, while a clinical therapist helps you explore your mindscape to cultivate mental wellness.

I encourage therapy. It is an important part of a good self care plan.

Spiritual wellness involves a push to find paths toward healing. Whether the arena is improving mind, body, career, or relationships with self and others, spiritual counseling, can become a compliment to other therapies.

Divination, is another pathway to facing fears and figuring out your heart's desires. My ministry is to create safe space for clients to receive life affirming love, learn rituals of self care, and open the lines of communication between you and a mostly nonverbal universe.

Spiritual counseling can support you as you face the challenge of change. I encourage folks to engage my counsel alongside solid mental health therapy.

The road to spiritual wellness can be daunting, my practice focuses on homeopathic and holistic solutions to everyday stresses and issues around self love and self care.

In many cases holistic solutions are simply not enough. For example, in order to relax your mind enough for meditative exercises that lead to healing, you might need medications to help you focus.

Life is full of complex realities where many truths can exist simultaneously. One can believe in the science of mental healthcare and also walk in faith.

Whether you are being called to heal the past, live in the now, or face the future, both mental therapies and spiritual counseling can help you move through the transitions in healthy ways.

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