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Community Crafting - Fragrant Waters

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We are all quite familiar with flower waters, they are the base of some of our favorite perfumes. Most of us have used Rose, Florida and Orange blossom water at some point. These fragrant mixes can be added to our bath and applied directly to our bodies for a myriad of reasons. I add them to spritzer bottles to cleanse my spiritual tools.

My ancestors have been bathing in fragrant waters for millennia. They sooth frazzled nerves, lift spirits, and bring an abundance of spiritual gifts. They are a cornerstone of my self care ritual. Easy to create, with many uses, which is why I'm excited to feature fragrant waters in our next community crafting.

If you are new to community crafting it is a feature on the Wise Woman Apothecary page, the first Saturday of every month. Together, Live on Facebook we explore crafts that support us in our rituals of self care.

The goal is to create community and share in the practice of crafting together. Simple recipes, simple processes that we can continue to recreate in community with others.

This is completely free for anyone who follows along on the books!

Why do we create fragrant waters when they are readily and easily available at our local bath and body shop? It is the process. In this way we become more acquainted with the ingredients, more appreciative of the steps it takes to create something.

When we take the time to make something, we allow ourselves moments to slow down, use our hands, create something new. Move through the process like a meditation and what becomes is something more special.

The process is a gift, more than just the final product, we share in a moment and an experience. This is what community crafting is about and why I encourage everyone to try fragrant waters. The ingredients are simple - distilled water and your favorite flower petals and herbs.

Hope to see you all soon!

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