Notes from a Wise Woman

Banishing Ritual

It feels like a good time to purge. Release all the toxic people, interactions, habits, and behaviors that we hold on to and the fear, insecurities, and doubt with it. They keep us from being our authentic selves.

Healing requires release but, letting go, even of unhealthy things, leaves a bit of emptiness in us. This can be scary but have faith that your higher self is waiting for your transmutation.

It's ok to make this room in your life, this ritual empowers us to create firm boundaries and banish harmful dynamics. Work this ritual so you can heal without the weight, burdens and complications of toxic energy both in and around you.

We are not our pasts and we are not yet our futures. As you move through this ritual, focus on the positives to be gained, in the present, including peace of mind.

Burn away all the ties that have been binding you.

Even rituals intended to manifest great things in our lives can be intense. Practice good self care in preparation and as follow up. Be sure you are in safe and comfortable space inside your protective circle. You are worth the effort of this banishing ritual. You deserve good spiritual health and wellness!

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