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About Rosehips

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Rose is derived from the Greek word rodon meaning red.

There are over 100 species in the Rosa genus spread across almost every single continent on Earth. Rosehips are the small red/orange fruit of wild roses.

Botanical Name(s): Rosa canina, R. gallica, R. rugosa, R. villosa, R. spp.

Common Name(s): Rose hips, hip berries

Family Name: Rosaceae

They have been used in the treatments a number of ailments. The therapeutic potential is based on the antioxidant effects that may come with its phytochemical composition. This includes, among others, ascorbic acid, phenolic compounds and healthy fatty acids.

In other words, rosehips are packed with wholesome goodness that contribute positively to our overall well being. Some report rosehips were used during World War II to keep coughs and colds at bay. It is believed, adding dried rosehips to your tea can provide a boost of Vitamin C and their wonderfully fruity smell make a great addition to potpourri satchels.

While rosehips can be an excellent immune booster, all the antioxidants and fatty acids have wonderfully positive effects on our skin's overall health too.

Reports show they have anti-aging effects, that include smoothing, firming, and brightening. High in fatty acids, prolonged use of rosehip oil may aid in fading scars and help to rebuild collagen as well! Though it's hard to say how long humans have been using rosehips for medicinal or cosmetic benefit, historians believe ancient Romans were using rosehips to cure dog bites.

Rosa genus of every type have high level of antimicrobial action. In fact, components of Rosa caninais may protect our skin from sun damage as well as soothe our skin from burns and UV-induced inflammation!

Spiritually, rosehips are thought to attract wealth, love, and prosperity and anointing yourself in rosehip oil is thought to bring you eternal youth.


The apothecary infuses grapeseed and coconut oils with rosehips to make our Goldenflower Collection line of products.

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