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About Calendula

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Calendula is a healing flower and herb with many medicinal properties.

Calendula officinalis

Family: Asteraceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Asterales

Part of a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants pot marigolds have been used for a variety of skin and mouth conditions for generations.

Thought to resemble coins, calendula blossoms are considered lucky charms and used in a variety of tricks to win favor in betting and legal cases. My ancestors also added calendula to spirit cleansing baths and placed them at altars and shrines. Many cultures revere calendula, the happy offering, its message is of healing and light.

Thought to contain anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, it is a beneficial addition to lotions and butters, soothing dry skin, healing wounds, rashes, infection, inflammation, and and other irritations. The bright orange petals, a symbol of energy, vitality, and power, bring triumph after much hardship, making it the perfect addition to healing oils, salves, balms, and teas.

Calendula tea recipe
2 cups of water
2 tbsp dried calendula petals
2 tbsp of honey
Bring water to boil, add dried calendula petals and steep for 10 minutes. Add honey and enjoy!

It makes a bright and lovely tea but, ironically enough, it has a relaxing and sedative effect that can exacerbate other medications that also have sedative effect. Be cautious and aware of this interaction. Do not operate heavy machinery while on medicinal (herbal or pharmaceutical) sedatives.

There are many ways to use calendula, try bathing in dried petals and anointing your skin with healing oil before bed for spiritual renewal. It is a perfect addition to your self care rituals. There are many reasons to work with calendula, medicinally, spiritually, and cosmetically but in all honesty, I love working with this happy little flower for its bright, vivacious, and wholly intoxicating energy, I'm glad to be able to offer calendula infused oil in a variety of our products and offerings.

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