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A Word About Healing

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The dawning of a new year and new opportunities to heal.

Self care isn’t always glamorous.

Healing our spirit is not prettier, cleaner, or easier than healing our bodies.

Healing a thing, anything, takes patience and diligence.

Injuries to the soul create ugly gashes. Betrayal splits us open, bloody and raw; it leaves a scar. The same as any cut, if we ignore, it festers and rots. Trauma, like any wound, takes time to heal. The spirit takes time to heal and if we do nothing, if we ignore the pain, swelling, and blistering in our hearts, like any wound, it can infect and harm us.

We should nurse wounds to the spirit the same as we would nurse a broken bone, carefully, tenderly, easy and without haste. It takes time to heal and then more time to recover and even more time after that to exercise and strengthen ourselves. This process and our dedication to it, is necessary soul work. This tenderness keeps us full and stops us from retreating into ourselves in fear.

We encourage you to move into healing space this new year, as you do, remember:

  • Be tender with yourself: practice speaking to you as you would a precious loved one

  • Be honest with yourself: don’t perform wellness when you’re not well

  • Be careful with yourself: don’t try to bully the pain away or pretend it doesn’t exist

  • Be careful with others: do take responsibility for your own energy

  • Be real with everyone: do not force forgiveness or “closure”

  • Be ready for anything: this process is painful but, don’t give up

  • Be self aware: mark your progress and give yourself love for it

  • Be ready to ask for help: healing can happen alone but it takes so much more time

  • Healing is a journey and it’s not always smooth and it’s not always linear, and it always takes a bit more time and energy than we expect.

The apothecary is here to spoil and enrich you on your way. Much of what we create and sell is rooted in healing love but, we acknowledge that ritual bath and body care is only one small part of the recovery effort. We would be remiss to pretend your total wellness can be found at the bottom of a bath bomb or jar of creamy whip.

Our shelves carry a lot of potential for your nourishment but it’s merely topical wellness if you are neglecting a need for deeper nourishment. We want you to be healed and be well, in this new year and beyond.

It’s ok to seek mental and spiritual guidance!

With love,

The Wise Women

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