Notes from a Wise Woman

A Super Full Moon Ceremony

Pink is where all of it starts, crazy

Pink like the halls of your heart

- Janelle Monae -

The first full moon of spring is super and pink, in balance it brings a swelling promise of growth. There is birth, and in some cases rebirth, as life bubbles and blossoms all around, and within, us. Out of balance it can be destructive and consuming.

Soon, the cleansing winds and rains will give way to a nourishing summer's warmth.

Now is the time to center, find balance, recognize potential, even if it's as small as a mustard seed, set your intentions; Dream your dreams. Both the sun and the bright full moon light the way. This ceremony is better with friends. Try it with at least two (2) other people and use the power of three (3) to take advantage of super moon energy.

What you'll need:

  • a pen and two pieces of paper per person

  • herbal stick/wand - I use lemongrass for its ability to cleanse and protect

  • heat safe container and matches

  • a clean jar of water

  • bell, singing bowl, or percussion (optional)

What you'll do:

  • arrange yourselves in a circle (if you are doing this via digital chat place yourself, your device and other materials in the center of a protection circle made of salt or cascarilla chalk)

  • place your pen and paper in front of you

  • light the herb stick and pass it around the space, using the heat proof container to catch the ash,

  • if you have an instrument, you can use it after smoke cleansing, you can also sing a few notes but it is not required

  • when the space is cleansed, each person should say, "this circle is sacred and safe, I hold space for you"

If you need a moment of silence, take it, to make sure the vibrations are right.

When satisfied, sit with the first piece of paper, write down what you need to release during this moon cycle. It can be one or several things. This isn't meant to be an exercise of self criticism, be gentle with yourself, do not lean into nitpicking your perceived flaws. Use this time to assess the things in your life that have become a hindrance and let it go.

Pass the heat safe container clockwise (if you are doing this online, decide who will go first, second, and third before beginning the ceremony), each person will light their list on fire and place it in the container to let it burn out.

If you have access and are able, this would work well around a backyard pit or bonfire.

When everyone has burned their first page, sit down with the second piece of paper and write what you want to embrace and honor in your life. Think about what brings you joy and how you want to see it repeated in the many facets of your life. Place your paper in the jar of water.

You may read your pages out loud if the space feels safe enough for you but it is not required. At the completion of the ceremony, however, take a moment to go around the circle and say, "this sacred circle is now closed, peace and protection be with you"

Leave the water out overnight in light of the full moon. Split the water between you and use it for your favorite plants and nurture them and your intentions over the next days, weeks, months, and even years.

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