Notes from a Wise Woman

A Spell for Warding your Space

When I speak on 'protecting energies,' while it is technically true I am speaking to all of you who come here for wisdom, it is always those who are most vulnerable, marginalized and disenfranchised that I center.

We create safe space by healing ourselves first. With that said, not everyone is so willing and able. There are many who do harm, intentional or not. We can't control healing in others, only in ourselves. There is no way to force folks to care.

This is why it is vital to put appropriate protections in place for ourselves. Warding is akin to putting a spiritual mask on. It is a ritual that guards us from malignant energies and gives us control over our spiritual wellness.

Especially important after spiritual cleansing, warding should be done as part of a regular routine and while there are many ways to ward our spaces, I like to keep it simple as possible.

I ward several times a season with a banishing bad salt mix. I also place protective amulets and plants around the perimeter of my home to ward from the evil eye and return it back to sender.

If you practice candle magic, you can also try lighting a red or black candle to call to your warrior guardians to protect you and your space.

Warding our bodies can be done by taking therapeutic salt baths, wearing protective oils, amulets or crystals and carrying protective mojo bags. Salt is a pretty universal ingredient for protection but keep in mind that different traditions practice different kinds of medicine. Decolonizing is a process that can help you rediscover traditions specific to your ancestry to access more powerful and personal magic.

I am divine and worthy of protection

Intention: Calling my guardians to protect me, my loved ones, my home, and those within

A simple warding mix recipe:

Salt - any kind will do but black rock salt is most potent

Cayenne pepper

  1. In a bowl or jar mix ingredients

  2. Place salt around the perimeter of whatever needs protecting

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