Notes from a Wise Woman

A Self Love Ritual

A quick ritual to love yourself!

You'll need:

A cloth or mat (pale pink or white)

A pink candle

A vessel with plain water

Rose water

Your favorite herbal tea (my hibiscus blend would be perfect for this)

Paper and pen

Dragons blood incense

You'll do:

This quick ritual to remind yourself that you are your first love.

Set everything out on the table, you can play some music if you prefer it over silence.

Light the candle in a comfortable and clean spot. Pour your tea and fix it to your liking. Light the incense.

Place a few drops of rose water on your page and let it dry.

Drink your tea and breath deep. Even if you are a work in progress there's so much about this incarnation of you to celebrate and that's what this ritual is about. We aren't comparing ourselves to anyone not even our future self.

Who you are working to be and who you are now might be very different but in each phase, you are worthy and your soul deserves this tender love and self care.

When ready, write some things on the paper about you, your wins, your best qualities...try very hard not to be critical. Speak to you like you would a precious friend or sweet child.

Write it all down...keep it simple or get as detailed as you like. This exercise is meant to uplift, fulfill, and make you feel empowered. This isn't the time to be humble, go full ham and celebrate the unique gifts only you have.

At the completion of this task you will sit back, sip your tea, and read what you wrote. Say it out loud if you are comfortable enough. Fold this paper up and put it someplace you can access it when you need a reminder, for as long as you need the reminder.

Let the candle and incense burn out on their own and finish your tea in peace.

You are a bright and beautifully unique being in this universe, worthy of celebration. I hope you take the time to enjoy this ritual and it becomes part of a regular routine.

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