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A New Year Ritual

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Brown person with dark, long, curly hair standing outside. Their face is blurry, as is the background. Their hands are outstretched in the foreground, holding a half-burned sparkler. Their fingernails are painted a dark color and they are wearing a ring on their left ringfinger.

There will be no resolutions here. We come to this place as we are -- carrying all of what 2018 laid at our feet. Before we step over the threshold into a new year we get to decide what we keep and what we leave behind.

Now is a good time to sit down and examine all that you hold in your heart and hands. As you turn over the memories in your mind, face openly the painful lessons and hold yourself tenderly through it. See your growth and take a moment to praise your healing.

You come into this year already new and changed from the road you traveled then to now, even while it seems like you may be in the same spot, stop and take a look behind you. Acknowledge what stayed the same but also, see what is different.

This New Year Ritual is meant to help you gently transition into the next calendar year. We will work on ridding ourselves of harmful energy. We will move into the new year deliberately, with goals and dreams, ready to manifest our heart’s desires.


Monday, December 31st 2018

What you need:

  • A broom/vacuum/dustpan

  • Salt - any type of salt will do

  • *Dragon’s Blood incense (or diffused oil) for protection, strength, and empowerment

  • A slip of paper and a pen

  • A red candle (fragrance free if possible) also for protection and strength

  • Running water - such as from a shower, bath, or bucket

What to do:

You will need to be in the place you sleep/live - whether a bedroom, dorm room, apartment, or your home.

1. First things first, sweep or suck the dust and dirt, and any stagnant energies, out your door. If you are using a broom, simply sweep from the farthest end of your space toward and out the front door (if you live in an apartment building, sweep into dustpan and dump down your garbage shoot. If you are vacuuming, dump dust pan out the door/down garbage shoot) the dust and dirt MUST leave the house.

2. Be intentional, imagine all the dirt as stale and stagnant energies you are ridding yourself of. As you remove the dirt from your home, imagine all your pain and hardships being swept up and removed from your space as well. Consider purging any unwanted or unneeded items. Getting rid of the old makes room for the new.

3. Next, sprinkle a line of salt around the perimeter of your home or the doors and windows of your room or apartment. This is literally drawing a line to keeps your space safe from restless, harmful, unwelcome energy and blocks it from returning.

4. Light the candle and the incense on a safe and sturdy surface and get into a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths and connect to the new, peaceful energy you have created in your space. Remember this feeling and embrace the change.

5. When you are ready, pick up the paper and pen. Consider all of the things you hope to achieve in the days, weeks, and months ahead. This isn’t a to-do list. Focus on the fresh and cleansed feeling you’ve achieved in your space and ask the universe to reveal your untapped potential. Open your mind to possibilities and ask your ancestors, spirit guides, deities, and the universe to open doors for you to walk through. Claim your destiny. Claim your heart’s desires.

This isn’t about changing yourself to achieve success. This is about embracing who you are and what you are yet to be. Really work to see your future self; Happy, whole, successful.

Use your imagination. Be Bold! Be Brave! Be Honest!

6. When you feel satisfied you’ve captured everything, fold up your paper and put it someplace safe, you’ll refer to it again in the coming days and weeks. Leave the candle and incense to burn themselves out.

The last steps make this a great ritual to do right before you go out to celebrate or right before bed. Undress and allow fresh water to cleanse you from your head to your feet.

7. You can do this, simply, by taking a shower.

As you step into the water, imagine a wave of wisdom washing away the bitterness and pain of all the lessons you have learned. Close your eyes under the water and imagine all your fear rinsing off of you and running down the drain. Let yourself feel lighter.

8. When you are soothed and satisfied you can step out from under the stream of water and air dry if possible, allowing yourself to be still in the process. Proceed into your bedtime routine or ready yourself to go out as you usually would.

9. If you engage in ancestral worship, place an offering and light a candle at your altar. Take time to thank your ancestors for their guidance and protection.

10. Place your paper someplace where you will be able to access it often. You will use it like a mantra before bedtime adding:

“I am in control and I will manifest”

You will do this every night for seven consecutive days.

Then once a week for four consecutive weeks.

Then once a month for the rest of the year until your goals begin to manifest in your life.

This ritual affirms your heart’s desire and clarifies it to the universe, therefore, be thoughtful and deliberate about what you are choosing to call into your life.

Remember the universe, your deities, your ancestors, and guides know your true heart.

You are worthy of health, wealth, and happiness beloveds! Go out and capture it in 2019!

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