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10 ways to cleanse w/out smudging

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We all know that smudging is a great way to cleanse our space of ill or negative energy and it seems to be the go to ritual for this.

However, what if I told you there are plenty of ways to cleanse sacred space without picking up a single smudge stick?

10. CLEANING: There is nothing like a traditional deep cleaning/scrubbing to rid your sacred space of unwanted energy. Make an organic wash using vinegar, lemon, and water. Add herbs and salts to clean and ward your space and get to scrubbing.

9. CHANTING: The voice is a powerful ally in clearing/ridding your space of unwanted energy. After scrubbing, chant your intentions and ask unwanted energies to clear themselves out.

8. SINGING: Another way to use your voice to clear/change the energy in a room. Sing a spiritual song or a family favorite or something more ceremonial according to your practice.

7. DRUMS AND BELLS: Certain sounds can clear out unwanted energy. This is why many sacred ceremony include drums, bells, and other percussive instruments. Choose rhythms according to your practice.

6. WARDING: Sometimes it’s best to be on the offense. Put up spiritual security. This can be in the form of salting your perimeter, planting specific herbs around your home, or placing protective totems to guard against the evil eye.

5. ALTAR WORK: Our ancestors, angels, and spirit guides do much to clear obstacles and negative energy from us. This becomes easier when our altars are well maintained and offerings in place.

4. RESINS AND INCENSE: While not as potent as a smudge stick, burning resins like copal and frankincense or other incense regularly can keep spiritual energies balanced.

3. STEAMING: A form of smudging that uses steam instead of smoke. Simply add your herbs to some boiling water and allow the steam to permeate the space.

2. BATHING: Cleansing one’s space is important but we can also cleanse away negative energy from ourselves by taking herbal baths. Mix fresh or dried herbs either directly into your bath or steeped as tea, cooled, and poured over self after shower.

1. CANDLEWORK: Light repels dark. Lighting white candles and meditating on clean and sacred space daily is the most proactive way to keep your sacred spaces clean from unwanted energies.

I hope this inspires us to dig deep in our practice. We do not have to rely on ceremony and ritual that don’t always belong to all of us. There are many ways to “smudge,” without ever needing to burn sacred sage!

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