Turn your showers into a steam room at the spa with these exuisitely scented, dainty shower melts. Created and mixed by hand with love.


Aromatherapy has been shown to help us manage pain. gain more restful sleep, and recover from the stress, agitation, and anxieties of our day. Each melt is made to enhance your self care ritual...


Lavendar + Mint = invite calm and clarity of thought

Dragon's Blood + Clove = provide strength and warmth (Only available during the holiday season)

Neroli + Lime = uplift and brighten the spirits

Rose + Sweet grass = cultivates love and celebrate body


Each pack comes with four (4) melts, in single or mixed varieties. Gift boxes are also available for a limited time!

Shower Melts

  • Keep your bath/showerstall closed off as possible to allow the steam to collect in your shower and capture the aroma in your melt.

    Place your melt away from direct stream of water and enjoy your shower.

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