A set of four, 4" altar candles dressed by my hand to help you manifest spiritual wellness, remove obstacles, and clarify your intentions.


Each candle is annointed with a combination of essential oils, resins, plus herbs and wrapped with care and instructions for use. 


White = reflection & growth

Black = closure & banishing

Red = power & protection

Blue = peace & justice

Green = abundance & luck

Purple = spirit & magic

Yellow = healing & intuition

Orange = strength & vitality

Pink = love & compassion

Dressed Altar Candles

  • You can set up an altar specifically for your candle work. Cover a sturdy table in cloth the same color as your candle. Add items that represents each of the elements.


    Clean water, incense, and crystals are common.

    1. Sit and meditate
    2. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper and place underneath the votive or candle stick.
    3. Light your candle S
    4. Speak an affirmation or prayer appropriate to your practice or culture


    Leave the candle to burn down completely, do not blow or snuff it out. 

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