Setting a course for spiritual growth has never been so easy.


The Divination Journal is a daily planner that helps you incorporate self tender, love, and care into your life routine, by utilizing oracle, tarot, and other forms of divination to examine and set your intentions.  


Each journal, designed exlusively for Wise Woman Apothecary, contains 23 pages you can download and print at will and as needed! Keep divinations and card readings in one place, while tracking your emotional wellness, and daily self care needs.


You can set goals and appointments with the Divination Journal, however, the focus is on growth and wellness over capital and productivity.


Every page is carefully designed to provide meaningful engagement with spirit as you cycle through each month and each season to manifest your heart's desire. 


If you do not read tarot/oracle cards yourself you can seek guidance from a variety of sources (both paid and free).

2021 Divination Journal

  • Full color, size A4

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