Our Story


It started out as kitchen remedies but became a discipline in self love.

The Apothecary began with the idea that we deserve nice things and from there the ancestral knowledge flowed. Folk lore and folk medicine play as equal partners in the shop. Spiritual wellness matters as much as our mental and physical health and over all wellness begins with ritual love and self care.

Whether you are looking for bath and body care or searching for permission to center your needs, you can find it here.

Thank you for coming to visit the Wise Woman Apothecary.

Be well and take care of you!





Lavender + Sage = Wellspring and the energy from which all things created here flow. This is THE signature infusion and the very first combination born in the apothecary labs.

While we have much more than lavender and sage infused products, all our combinations are born from the spirit of wellness and self care. We use many different herbs and oils to make a variety of beneficial lotions, potions, and notions.


All of our oils and butters are hand made in small batches, this means new infusions are always featured, while old favorites are being re-stocked so join the mailing list and visit often.

A Message from Wise Woman

Wise women understand the importance of self love, and adoration. Ritual self care is at the heart of everything created especially for you in this shop. When you wrap yourself up in these oils, butters, and bombs you deserve to feel spoiled and loved!


Every recipe is an affirmation, your wellness matters and tender love and care is whispered into every ounce. Everything is handmade with love. Keep #butteredandunbothered through the many challenges you face in life. Experience a wellspring of protection with all natural ingredients and products made simply.

Relax and enjoy. You deserve nice things and you can find some here.

Rose scented body butter in a tin, with red rose petals in front of it. The tin and roses are on top of a worn wooden plank.
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