Welcome to my apothecary. This shop is a personal reclamation of the traditional Botanica. Shop products and offerings that are specific to spiritual wellness. 

I am a wise woman gifted in herbal healing, magical charms, and folk medicine. This shop, my services, and the items created and curated here are rooted in Taíno, African, and Caribbean traditions.

I work with my ancestors, guardians, guides, and elemental spirits to give insight through divination and healing through folk medicine. 

This includes tarot and other forms of readings to center and align interests, as well as cleansing, protections; Candle and root works, such as healing, and hex breaking. My works help clients and customers breakdown obstacles to manifest greatness.

Everything from wise woman apothecary centers tender love and self care.

Many items are handmade and boxes are intuitively packed full of crafts and curios to sooth and delight you.

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Lovingly packaged, I’m in heaven with all of these beautiful natural scents!     Homemade with lots of love and a little magic!

I can FEEL the love and intention in every item, everything was so beautifully packaged! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. 

Excellent hand made products with excellent pricing. I have always been more than pleased with my purchases.

My. Legs. Are. So. SMOOTH and soft and moisturized after using the shaving whip! Thank you for this product!