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All of our products start with a blend of coconut and grapeseed oils, which we mix with a variety of dried herbs, flowers, and fruits, picked for their medicinal properties. Then, slowly, at low temperatures, and over a period of time we “cook” it all together and all the beneficial qualities of the plant infuse into the oil creating something new and entirely wholesome.


Coconut oil. Oh, we love it as much as you do. This oil is a breathing oil that acts as a barrier but also lets in air. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, in addition to being a good moisturizer make it an incredible oil for skin and haircare.


Grapeseed oil, contains many of the beneficial properties of grapes. We love that it has beta-carotene and vitamins D, C, and E. It is rich in anti-aging properties and can help restore collagen, help reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles and also balances the skin.


Together, these two carrier oils make an incredible base for our proprietary infusions.






The inspiration for our first blend, The Wellspring Oil, was born from the concept of using sage to cleanse ourselves and our spaces from negative energies. Sage contains antibacterial properties and has long been used by both our Native and African ancestors for spiritual cleansing. At the same time we wanted to have something that soothed us during times of stress. Naturally, lavender came to mind.


The inspiration for our Goldenflower Oil came from a dream and grew from there. We use rose hips which are packed with antioxidants and collagen building properties. We wanted to bring something bright and full of fire into our collection of infusions and we were not disappointed.


We work organically, pulling inspiration from nature, our own personal experiences and needs, as well as, our ancestral histories. We are really proud of the our signature oils, the first in our collection. We hope to continue to bring inspired and lasting infusions you love, that benefit us body, mind, and spirit.

A Message from Two Wise Women

Wise women, co-founders and creators, Aja and Jenina, understand the importance of self care. That’s why self love and adoration is at the heart of everything we create for you. We want you to feel special when you wrap yourself in our products.


From our proprietary infusions, to the affirmations of love whispered into them at every stage of production, all that goes into our balms, butters, and bombs, is handmade by us with love. Our mission is to make sure you know, you deserve nice things. Our goal is to keep you #butteredandunbothered through the many challenges you face in life. We want you to wrap yourselves up in our tender, love, and protection.


Every product is made simply, with all natural ingredients. You deserve nice things.



Rose scented body butter in a tin, with red rose petals in front of it. The tin and roses are on top of a worn wooden plank.
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